BUNNYMANIA - March 27-29

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A museum for animal lovers of all ages, the new National Museum of Animals and Society is hosting a two-part Fundraiser Exhibition:

The mission of the exhibit, curated by Peter Frank and Delia Cabral, is to raise awareness about our relationship with rabbits, both the animals and what they have come to symbolize in our human experience. Prepare yourself for the cute, the grotesque, the beautiful...and everything in between! The exhibit will explore our perceptions of rabbits as individual beings, muses, companions, and as dynamic cultural symbols.


Peter Frank, Los Angeles Art Critic
Delia Cabral, Exhibit Producer


Adonna Khare, Bibi Davidson, Bogdan Dumitrica, Brian Duda , Corrie Gregory, Dana Feagin, Daniela Schweitzer, Dave Ghilarducci , Debra Broz, Doug Uyesaka, Georgie Flood, Gretchen Ryan, Heather Mattoon, Inge Dehenin, Jane O’Hara, Karen Florito, Karrie Ross, Kathryn Pitt, Kim McCarty, Kim Tucker, Lara Regan, Marina Hebert, Mark Gleason, Mary McGilli, Michelle Page, Michelle Waters, Moniuque Rebelle, NAMAAK Collective, Nancy Lane, Nina Salerno (aka: Perfect Reject), Osceola Refetoff, Paul W Evans, Paula De La Cruz, Penny Collins, Rafael Perea De la Cabada, Raul Contreras, Rebecca Midford, Rhea Korito, Rikki Niehaus, Sally Ann Field, Salomon Huerta, Sarah Hardt, Sarah Stone, Susan Coates, Suzanne Walsh, Trine Churchill, Valerie Daval   

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